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BLK MKT Brand announces the release of the first of its kind, gender-neutral fragrance balm collection

BLK MKT Brand announces the release of the first of its kind, gender-neutral fragrance balm collection

ST. LOUIS., April 7, 2021—Today, BLK MKT Brand announced the release of its completely natural and unique, gender-neutral fragrance balms available in a solid scent form. Traditional fragrances are typically only available in a liquid, with varying degrees of intensity using a base of perfume oil mixed with alcohol, water, or chemical additives.  “BLK MKT Brand solid fragrances are made with all-natural ingredients from local artisans and designed with the wearer, the underrepresented individual, in mind," said CEO and Founder Faith Nixon. "We have created the first of it's kind, an intentionally gender-neutral fragrance balm collection."

BLK MKT Brand currently has three signature scents (Reed, Clarke, and Indigo) designed to appeal to students and young professionals. The fragrance customers come from underrepresented backgrounds and live a busy lifestyle. Nixon added, "We have mindfully developed our line of fragrance balms as a unique way of delivering fragrance in a solid-state. Solid fragrances are portable and are easier to travel with. Scents tend to last longer and "develop" as they warm up on the skin. The value is evident because the balm is affordable and will last for many months." Ethically sourced and all natural, the newly released scents each have their own identity with signature fragrance notes. The names of these scents are purposefully gender neutral and yet hold meaningful value to Nixon as they are named after influential people in her life and career as the founder of BLK MKT Brand. “Reed” is citrus based with notes of vanilla while “Clarke” is a blend of lavender and lilac with hints of sandalwood, followed by “Indigo” which is Patchouli enhanced with notes of Jasmine. 

Nixon went on to say, "It is interesting to think that something as simple as a brand excluding a person's identity can have such a negative impact on an individual's self-esteem. The beauty industry historically has intentionally overlooked women of color by not offering darker shades of makeup foundation. My peers and I share the common experience of being excluded from something so essential to one's personal care—including the experience of not being welcome. Yet, the beauty industry continues to not consider our legitimacy as relevant or as consumers who are due the same respect that mainstream customers receive."

BLK MKT Brand stands out from the corporate beauty industry philosophy and celebrates an inclusive message for marginalized and underrepresented fragrance lovers.

Facts show the demographic changes in the U.S. marketing audience have far outpaced the understanding that a shift needs to occur in the health and beauty industry. Diversity and representation are severely lacking within the beauty industry. Founder Faith Nixon understands the need for consumers to see positive images of themselves represented in the brands they buy and created  BLK MKT Brand to address that need.

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